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PROB 8 (Rev. 09/00)U.S. PROBATION OFFICE MONTHLY SUPERVISION REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF Name, 20.Court Name (if different):PART A: RESIDENCE (If new address, attach copy of lease/purchase agreement) Street
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What is a U.S. Probation Reporting Form?

A U.S. Probation Reporting Form is a specially designed document that must be completed by individuals being on probation. They are supervised by probation officers in the United States.

What is the U.S. Probation Reporting Form for?

According to the rules of the probation office in the United States, all individuals who are on probation must report using this form. A probation is a great chance to rethink what you did and make positive changes in your life. This form is a sort of controlling document that keeps you within the limits of the U.S. law.

When is the U.S. Probation Reporting Form Due?

Generally you must file this form once in a month. However, the frequency may depend on many factors. The responsibility of the probation officer is to inform you about the day of month when you must provide a completed form with all details.

Is the U.S. Probation Reporting Form Accompanied by Other Forms?

Yes, there is a set of documents that must be attached to the report. It is the verification of residence (copy of utility bill, lease or other), employment (a pay stub), all drug prescriptions, counseling or program attendance, hours of community service, medical condition documentation, registration of immigration. Generally, you must provide all documents requested by your probation officer.

What Information do I Include in the U.S. Probation Reporting Form?

First of all you indicate the month you report, your name and court name. The form includes parts from A to E. The first one is devoted to residence where you must provide such information as address, home phone and indicate the people who live with you. In the second part you describe your employment indicating the address of your employer, held position and your salary rate. Part C is aimed at the vehicles you owe. Provide the model, make, year and other characteristics. The next part is your financial statement. Part E is called the Compliance with Conditions of Supervision during the Last Month. You have additional space for remarks.

Where do I Send the Report?

You must provide your completed report to the probation officer.

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The following program was produced by the United States Courts. “You're working with people that are at the lowest part of their life, and you’re helping them to get back on the right track. My name is John Lent, and I’m a United States Probation Officer.” ‘Marilyn Grisham, Chief U.S. Probation Officer.”Beenelen Colon, and I’m a Pre-Trial Services Officer.” “Michael Baker. I’m a United States Pre-Trial Services Officer.” “JanEagerager. Chief Probation Officer.” “Mitsy Westendorf, Senior U.S. Probation Officer.” “Sandre Rose, U.S. Probation Officer.” “My name is Charles Meisler. United States Pre-trial Services Office.” “I am a United States Probation Officer.” “As a Pre-trial Services Officer, I am usually the first contact a defendant has with the U.S. Courts. We are dealing with a population that has been accused of a crime, but are innocent until proven guilty.” “We have to do background investigations, we have to verify where they live, where they work, and their family ties.” “Bail is specifically a pre-trial task because we are assigned with investigating these folks, and then present that information to the Court.” “We make a recommendation on whether that defendant should be released on bail or detained pending their trial.” “We get defendants at the beginning, once they’ve been arrested. Probation gets them at the end, post conviction.” “Probation Officer jobs are incredibly important.” “The major responsibility is the supervision of an offender.” “We have specialized case loads, intensive supervision, we have officers who handle location monitoring, community service, lining up jobs.” “If an individual can find a job that they can become gainfully employed, they’re going to treatment, they are going to be less likely to commit offenses.” “One of our main objectives as Probation Officers is to protect the community, and help individuals rehabilitate so that they can be productive citizens within the community.” “The ability to investigate as a Pre-trial or Probation Officer is vital because the Court relies upon us to provide them with accurate information.” “We are entrusted by the Courts to give them an impartial observation of the defendant.” “We're working hand-in-hand with the Federal Judges, who are taking our recommendations, and they're making an impact on other people's lives based on the information that we’ve gathered.” “The pre-sentence reports help the judge to decide what type of sentence to impose as well as the conditions of supervision.” “If the individual isn’t abiding by the conditions of supervision, then of course we will hold them accountable.” “I feel an enormous responsibility to get it right.” “Individuals’ crimes range anywhere from kidnapping, bank robbery, embezzlement.” “We get all kinds of peo—le – rich, poor, all races, all age levels.” “You are involved intimately in the lives of other people. You know more about them than their families may know.” “It's extremely important to understand the issues that...
What is federal probation report?
A U.S. Probation Reporting Form is a specially designed document that must be completed by individuals being on probation. They are supervised by probation officers in the United States.
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